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Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance is a form of health insurance that provides a lump-sum payment should you become seriously ill. The benefit can replace your income, help pay off your mortgage, help you cope with the bills and expenses and let you concentrate on getting better. Critical Illness Insurance can be combined with a Life Insurance plan or it can be obtained as a separate product.

There are are multitude of Critical Illness Insurance plans available in the UK market. We simplify your search by providing rates and plan options from leading providers in one convenient place. Start a quote and receive all the needed information for an informed decision.

What Conditions
are Covered

What Conditions are Covered

Covered conditions vary depending on the provider, but typically include:

  • Alzheimer's disease.

  • Blindness.

  • Cancer.

  • Deafness.

  • Heart attack.

  • HIV/AIDS contracted by blood transfusion or during an operation.

  • Kidney failure.

  • Major organ transplant (e.g. heart, lung, liver, pancreas).

  • Multiple sclerosis.

  • Paralysis.

  • Parkinson's disease.

  • Stroke.

Benefits of Critical
Illness Insurance

Benefits of Critical Illness Insurance

  • Use the payout to supplement your income and maintain your family’s quality of life while you focus on recovery.

  • Cover outstanding debts - Pay off the balance of your mortgage, credit cards or other debts.

  • Get access to the latest medical treatments & private care.

  • Guaranteed premiums give you a peace of mind knowing you rates will not increase.

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