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Life Insurance

Whether you are a parent, a young professional, a business owner, or retiring: having a financial plan to make sure that the future of your family and business is secure is an essential goal. Whatever your needs are, a life insurance plan can:

There are are multitude of Life Insurance plans available in the UK market. We simplify your search by providing rates and plan options from leading providers in one convenient place. Start a quote and receive all the needed information for an informed decision.

Term Life

Term Life Insurance

  • Affordable protection for a set period of time – defined as term.

  • At the end of the term you may have an option to renew or convert to a permanent plan.

  • Typically, two covers are available: Level and Increasing.

  • In Level Cover, the benefit amount and premiums stay the same; as such it is best suited to cover interest only mortgages.

  • In Decreasing Cover the benefit amount decreases while premiums stay level. This type of cover is more affordable than Level Cover and is best suited to cover repayment mortgages.

Permanent Life

Permanent Life Insurance

  • Lifelong protection you can count on.

  • Choice of level or increasing coverage to protect against inflation.

  • Typically two permanent policies are offered: Whole Life Insurance and Over 50 Life Insurance.

  • Whole Life Insurance usually requires a medical exam and can provide a large amount of coverage to pay off mortgages, and other substantial needs.

  • Over 50 Life Insurance is typically offered without a medical exam and offers a modest amount to cover funeral costs and other final expenses.

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